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Strengths-Based Leadership

The Future Leaders Group programme has chosen a leadership development approach based on strengths. In practice it means building on people’s talents rather than focussing on fixing their weaknesses. For leaders it also means putting your strengths at the service of your followers.
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"The course provides a holistic approach to C-Suite leadership and ultimately getting the best for the company from the employees. That is after all what commercial leadership is about. Results." – Sponsor

“FLG is a great place to improve your leadership skills, start building your professional brand, grow your network and learn together with a like-minded team.” – Former Participant

Coaching and career enhancement to develop:

  • Self-awareness
    Appreciate your strengths, unique contribution, needs and
    blind spots.
  • Effective collaboration
    Create psychological safety, complementary partnerships
    and high-performing teams.
  • Serve to Lead
    Put your strengths at the service of your followers.

Testimonials from former participants

It's a fantastic course and I’ve personally got a lot out of it. I’ve learned a lot of great lessons that will stay with me throughout my career.
The Future Leaders Group are now an active part of my lexicon when it comes to succession planning and preparing C-Suite leaders of the future.
I feel it was a really worthwhile experience and has helped me develop my leadership skills and also built a tangible network of contacts that I am still utilising long after completing the programme.
It is a wonderful blend of human skills, refining the art of operating in social diversity and influencing social settings with a genuine suite of professional ‘tools’ to learn and use in the business space.
I’ve done lots of leadership courses before, the difference with The Future Leaders Group’ was the access it provided to real experts – it made the learning very tangible and realistic.
The course is a great opportunity to understand your strengths and develop them with peers from different industries and backgrounds. The coaches and facilitators of each module are experts in their field.
Future Leaders Group

Meet our faculty

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