Clare Roberts

Change Leadership
Clare is a Consulting Director at PA consulting where she has worked for the past 17 years. Clare supports her work with the use of appropriate tools, processes and techniques drawn from 20 years in Consultancy. Clare is an experienced trainer, presenter and facilitator, and is also a certified coach and a member of the ICF and has a BA (Hons) in Human Sciences (Oxon). Clare's work centres on behavioural change, at both individual and organisational levels. Her focus is on shaping values and culture, building talent and releasing the potential of individuals and groups. Her clients include large public and private sector organisations in the UK and Europe. Clare enables individuals to gain a greater understanding of themselves, to build their leadership and people skills and to bring about successful change. She creates safe, light environments where people can be challenged, allowing creative shifts in mindsets, promoting new behaviours and enabling the achievement of their goals. Clare also has significant experience in diagnosing and shaping corporate culture and defining values that will support an organisation’s vision and strategic objectives.